Your Hosts

Vinnie Amico

He and his wife Pam started AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society to further explore the unknown. His first paranormal experience was as a child over 55 years ago and still looks for the answer to his question. Why? 

"I've Been researching and investigating the paranormal for over four decades.  I became a paranormal investigator to help people with the paranormal.  Give them some kind of clarification or a direction to follow.

I have had the pleasure to investigate some incredible locations.  Historic preservation and restoration are on the top of my list.

In 2017 I started a fundraising program AZ Ghost Tours.  It is my our way to give back to these types of locations and help them raise funds they desperately need." 

Molly Cornwell

Events Coordinator/Facility Mgr at Globe AZ Main Street, Manager at 1916 Globe, AZ Train Depot Complex & Museum and Film Location Scout & Production Point at Globe Historic Downtown -Area Film Location Sites

"Life is about connections, and the now of the moment. I would like to consider myself both professional and REAL at the same time. Having a fun & free spirit I enjoy new challenges and am always willing to take on new projects to stretch myself to grow. 

Owning a small business in a rural community is not for the faint of heart, but it is also truly rewarding. My resume of skills reads like an unreal book, but I truly believe in the tithing of time, and giving back to your community in any way needed. What might be a small insignificant skill to you, might mean the world to your community."

Our Volunteers

These people donate their time to help historic locations raise money to survive

The Paranormal Group Family

The Paranormal Group is comprised of four different entities servicing the Paranormal World